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Puppy Care

Bringing a puppy home is incredibly exciting but can also be a little stressful.

Whether this is your first puppy, or it’s been a while since you’ve had a puppy, we would love to help by answering the most common questions and giving you tips to ensure you give your new fur baby the best care possible.

Puppy Starter Pack

We feel that it is only right that our little babies leave here with a few “Goodbye” presents. These include a small bag of the puppy food they are on, puppy pads, hand crafted comfort blanket with mothers & siblings scent on it, a variety of edible goodies and munchies, a selection of fabulous puppy toys, a bone shaped poop bag holder and bags, delicious training treats, and more.

Time for training!

It’s important to socialize puppies with people and dogs but be careful about who you introduce your puppy to until they’ve gotten all their puppy vaccines at 16 weeks. Until then, its best to keep your puppy in a fenced- in yard and only let them interact with fully vaccinated dogs. Puppy classes are strongly encouraged for training and socialization, puppy classes normally require for your puppy to be up to date on all vaccines.

Grooming and Brushing tips!

Now is the best time to get your puppy comfortable with things they will encounter in the future. These things are vet visits, nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing their coat and teeth so they will not be afraid of these things in the future.

What do I feed my puppy?

There are many dog food choices out there. It’s important that you feed your puppy food that is formulated for growing puppies, one that is complete and balanced. We provide a small sample of the food we are currently feeding our puppies. It is your choice if you’d like to continue with the food or switch to any of your choices. Please keep in mind that switching foods can give your puppy diarrhea. It’s recommended to mix both new and old food for three days before fully switching to the food of your choice to prevent upset stomach and diarrhea.

When should I transition my puppy from a puppy formula to an adult food?

Our recommendation is to keep your puppy in puppy formula until he or she is fully grown, that is at one year old.

How do I set my puppy for potty training success?

Potty training is a much happier adventure for all involved when you make the experience positive by encouraging your puppy when it succeeds rather than scolding when it has accidents. Puppies are still developing their muscles it is recommended to take them out frequently to minimize the accidents. We normally take our puppies out every two/three hour during the day.

What can I expect from visits to the vet?

During vet visits, you can expect them to do a complete physical exam on your puppy. as well as any necessary vaccines and deworming if needed.

How often can I bathe and brush my puppy?

You can bathe your puppy once every two weeks and brush them twice a week to keep the hair from getting matted.

How should I cut my dog’s hair?

Our best suggestion is to find the best cut based on pictures. Online you will find many different pictures and styles you will like and can choose from. We personally love the teddy bear look. There are some cuts that require more maintenance than others so it will also depend on the time you have daily/weekly to care for the dog’s hair.

What size crate do I need for my dog?

• XS Dog Crate (Dog Weight: under 20 lbs.)
• Small Dog Crate (Weight: 20-30 lbs.)
• Medium Crates (Weight: 30-40 lbs.)
• Large Crates (Weight: 40-70 lbs.)